Arkansas Crisis Center Receives $9,700 Donation

Friday, August 03 at 09:00 AM
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Arkansas Crisis Center will be able to provide necessary training to their staff thanks to a $9,700 donation from the Arvest Foundation.

The gift was announced recently at the Arkansas Crisis Center in Springdale. Chris Thornton, Stacy Matlock and Julie Shook of Arvest Bank were on hand to present the check to Emily Gilbertson.

“The Arkansas Crisis Center is incredibly grateful for this donation from the Arvest Foundation, as it will allow us to become certified to train others in ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training), which is extremely limited in the state. Arkansas ranks 14th in the nation for number of deaths by suicide,” said Gilbertson, crisis services program manager. “Making this training more available to Arkansans is crucial in combatting the rising rate of suicide. The more people in the community who have suicide intervention training, the more likely it is they will be able to identify someone at risk and intervene to keep them safe.”

“We are pleased to present this donation on behalf of the Arvest Foundation to support the Arkansas Crisis Center. Awareness of this organization is imperative in saving lives across the state of Arkansas,” said Stacy Matlock, commercial banker in Springdale and ACC board member. “This donation will help in promoting awareness and provide the necessary training to more people interested in helping the ACC reach their vision for Arkansas to have zero suicides by 2025.”

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Pope County Fair Board Receives Arvest Foundation Grant

Monday, July 30 at 03:00 PM
Category: Arvest Community News

The Pope County (Ark.) Fair Board will be able to purchase audio and visual equipment, and perform maintenance on tractors, and other equipment to improve operations thanks to a $5,000 donation from the Arvest Foundation.

The gift was announced today at the Pope County Fair Grounds in Russellville. Shawn Bates, Community Bank President of Arvest Bank was on hand to present the check to Steve Rogers, Pope County Fair Board.

The Arvest Foundation donation to the Pope County Fair Board will be utilized to help purchase audio and visual equipment, maintenance needed on tractors to keep in good condition, and other equipment.

“With the generous donation from the Arvest Foundation, the Pope County Fair Association will be able to continue to improve the quality of the entertainment of the yearly fair that will be held on September 11-15, at the Pope County Fair Grounds,” stated Steve Rogers, Pope County Fair Board. “We encourage all of the River Valley citizens to make an effort to attend the fair and see the improvements made possible by donors like our friends of the Arvest Foundation. Once again, thank you very much to the Arvest Foundation!”

“We are pleased to present this donation on behalf of the Arvest Foundation to support the Pope County Fair Board who have dedicated their time to providing and promoting livestock shows, entertainment, and fairs for all ages of the Pope County Community.” said Shawn Bates, Arvest Bank. “The Arvest Foundation wants to continue to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to our local community. We are people helping people, while putting the needs of our community and customers above all else.”

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Madison County Fair Board Receives $3,000 Donation

Monday, July 30 at 08:00 AM
Category: Arvest Community News

The Madison County Fair Board will have improvements made to the Madison County Fairgrounds in Huntsville thanks to a $3,000 donation from the Arvest Foundation.

The gift was announced recently at the Madison County Fairgrounds in Huntsville. Matt Smith and Kelli Gilmer of Arvest Bank were on hand to present the check to Greg Taylor.

The funds will help purchase and install shelving for the exhibit hall.

“We would like to thank the Arvest Foundation for its generous gift to help us enhance the display of the exhibits, making them easier to see and judge,” said Greg Taylor, president of the Madison County Fair Association. “Having better display space for each exhibit showcases the craftsmanship and the talent of our county participants.”

 “We are pleased to present this donation on behalf of the Arvest Foundation to support the Madison County Fair,” said Smith, community bank president in Huntsville. “We understand the importance of this annual event to our community, and are happy to help with the efforts to improve the exhibit hall. Additionally, this is just one of many donations we have made throughout the area. It demonstrates the foundation’s ongoing commitment to the communities we serve.”

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Arvest Bank Hits $1 Billion Mortgage Mark for 16th Straight Year

Wednesday, July 25 at 08:00 AM
Category: Arvest News

Arvest Bank announced today that its mortgage division has originated more than $1 billion in mortgage loans for the 16th year in a row. That includes both purchase-money and refinance loans. This is the earliest the bank has reached the $1 billion mark since 2013, indicating a strong real estate market in the communities the bank serves.

“We continue to be honored and humbled that so many customers choose Arvest for their mortgage needs, whether that’s purchasing or refinancing a home,” said Steven Plaisance, president and chief executive officer of Arvest’s mortgage division. “It’s also worth noting that the majority of loans we are issuing continue to be purchase-money loans, a sign that our markets are healthy and that rates are still very attractive. Our team of mortgage bankers has been highly energized by the solid housing activity, and finds no better satisfaction than helping our customers throughout the entire home loan process.”

Arvest reached the $1 billion mark almost a month sooner than it did last year. As of June 29, Arvest had closed a total of 5,438 loans with a total loan value of $1,006,911,116. In 2017, the bank reached the $1 billion mark on July 24.

“The housing market has stayed robust, with competitive lending rates and strong home sales in many areas,” said Plaisance. “I think these results reflect strong consumer confidence as well.”

This is the fifth consecutive year in which purchase-money loans account for more of Arvest’s total mortgage loan volume than refinances. Through June 29, purchase-money loans accounted for 66 percent of the company’s total loan volume. That’s up from 64 percent in 2017.

Also through June 29, Arvest made 3,621 purchase-money loans with a volume of $667,247,854. That’s up from 3,183 loans and $553,997,133 in volume compared to year-to-date totals on June 29, 2017.

Arvest’s overall 2018 volume of $1,006,911,116 – on 5,438 loans as of June 29 – is up from $870,514,377 on 4,964 loans as of the same date in 2017. That’s a 15.7 percent increase.

The average loan size also increased, from $175,365 in 2017 to $185,162 in 2018, reflecting improving values in the real estate market.

Arvest is unique among most local lenders in that it services 99 percent of its mortgage loans, meaning that customers make their payments to Arvest and work directly with Arvest for any needs after their loan closes.

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Easy Ways to Save Money on Summer Travel

Tuesday, July 24 at 12:00 PM
Category: Business Banking

Traveling can be expensive, especially during the summer months, but with a simple schedule change or the click of a button, you could be well on your way to your dream vacation without emptying your bank account. Leave the stress at work, and enjoy vacation knowing you’re getting the most out of your hard-earned pay check.

Flexible Schedules Equals Savings on Flights

Although it may be tempting to book flights for specific dates, it can pay to be flexible. According to USA Today*, July is the peak month for summer travel – and one of the most expensive times to fly. However, you can save money by flying domestically on slower days like Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays when airlines are trying to fill empty seats.

Want the deepest summer travel discounts? The USA Today report also reveals airlines usually offer the biggest discounts beginning August 28th. That means if you’re able to delay your beach getaway a few weeks, not only will you miss the crowds, but your budget will stretch further!  Plus, those cheaper airline tickets still earn you rewards points when purchased with a credit card, which can be redeemed on other expenses.

Eat Like a Local, for a Fraction of the Cost

Save on food expenses by exploring local markets and avoiding over-priced restaurants. Smarter Travel* suggests buying unique, local ingredients and using them to prepare your own meals. Even those small, everyday purchases can earn credit card rewards points.

If your accommodations don’t offer a place to prepare food, restaurants are still a good option! Rather than asking your hotel concierge for suggestions, Smarter Travel recommends finding local restaurants by reading blogs, travel books or talking to locals. You may find a diamond in the rough with authentic local cuisine that doesn’t charge tourist prices. Those daily restaurant meals are one of the easiest ways to rack up credit card rewards points when you travel. After all, you have to eat!

A Better Hotel Room is an Upgrade Away

Don’t settle for the standard hotel room when planning your summer vacation. According to Business Insider*, hotels are more likely to upgrade your room if you book later in the day. When rooms are left unoccupied, hotels may be more willing to offer upgrades to late arrivals. In addition, front desk hotel employees upgrade customers more often than 800 reservation numbers do, so when possible, call the hotel directly.

Don’t hesitate to mention when you are booking a hotel room for a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. Business Insider says some hotels offer perks or upgrades to help make your visit more positive and memorable.

Remember to ask how to become a member and earn points when you stay at certain properties. Not only do most hotels offer points and rewards opportunities for future stays, but likely so does the credit card you used to book the room!

Take Advantage of Credit Card Rewards

When you opt in for that hotel room upgrade, don’t forget to opt in for your credit card rewards points! If you have an Arvest Bank credit card, you’re already halfway to earning 5X rewards points on up to $1,000 of all charges this summer starting July 1, 2018. Simply go online to your Arvest Rewards account, and click the activation button or call the rewards phone line at (800) 356-8085, extension 3 to activate the bonus offer and start earning 5X rewards on future purchases through September 30, 2018.

Not an Arvest Bank credit card customer? Don’t miss out on rewards for vacation purchases and everyday purchases both big and small. Sign up for a credit card today at your local branch or online! Be sure to activate rewards as soon as possible, because bonus points will only be awarded on eligible purchases from the time you activate until September 30, 2018.

The views of this article are for general information use only. Please contact and speak with a subject expert or your banker when specific advice is needed.

*Link is a third-party site not operated or endorsed by Arvest Bank, an FDIC-insured institution.

Disclosure:  Activate to earn 5X Arvest Flex Rewards points on up to $1,000 in eligible purchases made on your Arvest Personal Credit Card between July 01, 2018 and September 30, 2018. The bonus offer must be activated online by clicking the activation button in your Rewards Account or by calling the rewards phone line at (800) 356-8085, extension 3. Bonus points will only be awarded on eligible purchases from the time your bonus is activated until September 30, 2018. Eligible purchases are not limited by merchant categories such as groceries or fuel, but do not include fees or interest charges, balance transfers, cash advances, convenience check transactions, purchases of traveler’s checks, purchases or reloading of prepaid cards or purchases of other cash equivalents. Bonus points will be applied to your account within three billing cycles after your qualifying purchase. The Card Account must be open and not in default as of the date the bonus points are applied. New applications are subject to credit approval.

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