A Spin on Spending - Your Next Big Purchase

Friday, March 22 at 01:00 PM
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When you begin saving for your next big purchase, take a few minutes to determine how much you plan to spend.

Decide ahead of time if you plan to pay in full with cash or if you want to have monthly payments. If you decide on a loan, be sure to take into consideration the total cost of the purchase, including taxes and fees and always do your research before you buy.

A few tips for a successful savings plan are to evaluate where your money goes each month. You can do this by categorizing your spending each month in your Arvest Online Banking with Blue IQ.

This will allow you to track how much you spend on things such as dining out or entertainment and help to determine where you can cut back. To help encourage your savings goals you can set up automatic transfers in Blue IQ from your Arvest Checking account to your Savings account. These transfers can be designated daily, weekly, bi weekly or monthly. 

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