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Friday, August 25 at 04:00 PM
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Marshal Grissom walked into a Caney Valley Bass Club meeting because he was willing to use his boat to help the high-schoolers who shared his love of fishing. Grissom left that meeting as the team’s head coach.

Grissom is the latest person to be featured in Arvest Bank’s People Helping People video series. The series is designed to celebrate individuals in the communities we Arvest serves who are uniquely making a difference.


Caney Valley High School is located in the northeastern Oklahoma town of Ramona, and its fishing club has proven to be a perfect fit for Grissom. An avid fisherman for as long as he can remember, Grissom believes his favorite hobby not only has life lessons to offer the students he helps, but in some cases, could be a life-changing activity.

“The way the sport of fishing has grown, just in our state alone there are probably well over a dozen collegiate bass fishing teams," Grissom said. "There are colleges recruiting at our tournaments to go onto that next level.”

Some of Caney Valley’s team members have already received college scholarship offers, a path that may not have been available to them if it weren’t for their competitive fishing experience. The lure of a scholarship has kept team member Grayson Atchison sharpening his angling skills. His goal is to one day attend Northeastern State University on a fishing scholarship.

“Honestly I would say Marshal’s my mentor for fishing. He kind of helped me out with a lot of tournament skills that I needed." Atchison said. “If it wasn’t for Marshal, we probably wouldn’t have this club."

Grissom is driven by a need to take action and help others. He believes in taking the initiative when you have the opportunity to change people's lives.

"I’ve always wanted to not just sit back and watch life go by," he said. "I wanted to be a person that did something. And these kids have really given me that opportunity. The most rewarding thing for me is just being out there on the water with these kids. And getting to see them, the joy they have for fishing."

Watch* Grissom and the fishing team in action. Keep an eye on our social media channels for videos highlighting the good works of dedicated citizens in the communities Arvest Bank serves.

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