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Friday, October 13 at 06:15 PM
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Bittersweet may be the best word to describe the emotion Tina Berrios feels when she gets a text message from one of the local animal shelters she serves.
Berrios, president of the nonprofit, Tailwaggers*, Inc., said the texts usually convey this message: “Guess who got adopted?”
That message means one of the cats or dogs Berrios and other volunteers have spent hours befriending and socializing has a new home. It means the animal is leaving the shelter, which can be somewhat sad for those who have spent time with it.
The upside of those text messages, however, is greater.
“What’s most rewarding,” Berrios said of the time and energy she devotes to Tailwaggers, “is when there’s a dog that’s been there two or three months, when I get that text: ‘Guess who got adopted?’”
It’s been years since Berrios and her family moved from California to Siloam Springs, where she was surprised by how many stray animals she encountered. A longtime animal lover, Berrios began volunteering at the city’s shelter in hopes she could make some of thew animals more adoptable.

These days, Berrios not only volunteers her own time, but runs Tailwaggers. The organization’s mission is to improving the lives of pets and pet owners through education, spaying/neutering, fostering and adopting otherwise abandoned, abused and neglected animals.

Fundraising, beefing up volunteer lists, organizing educational outreach efforts and more can be a demanding – and sometimes thankless – job. When those text messages hit her phone, however, Berrios knows that all the effort is worth it.
“I love this job,” she said. “That’s what it’s all about.”
Berrios is the 23rd person to be featured in Arvest Bank’s People Helping People video series. The series is designed to celebrate individuals in the communities Arvest serves who are uniquely making a difference. 
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