7 Easy Ways to Shape Up this Summer

Thursday, June 16 at 09:25 AM
Category: Personal Finance

Summer is fast approaching. The signs are everywhere — on television, in magazines, and of course, in the aisles of clothing stores. And while so many of us relish those summer treasures — long days, sunny skies, warm temperatures — there's a big part of summer many of us could do without — wearing our bathing suits.

Here are seven summer shape up tips to get you bathing suit ready:
  1. Get ready, set your goals. The first step in getting in shape is to determine what you could like to accomplish. Are you looking to lose a certain amount of weight? To firm up? To improve your health? Take some time to quantify what you would like to accomplish and when you would like to achieve your goal.
  2. Make your fitness plans. Once you determine your goals, you can start building a plan for how to accomplish those goals. How often will you exercise? What exercises will you do? Where will you do them — at a gym or at home?
  3. Find a partner. One of the best ways to motivate yourself to reach your goal is to have someone who is willing to work out with you, such as a spouse, friend or co-worker. Since you'll be spending a lot of time together, make sure it's someone you enjoy.
  4. Walk more. No matter how busy you are, you can make time to walk more. Consider walking after work or during your lunch hour. You can also increase the amount of time you walk in other small ways, such as taking the stairs versus elevators or parking further away in store and mall parking lots.
  5. Include strength and cardio in your workouts. While walking briskly, running, or swimming can be great cardio activities, it's still important to include strength training as part of your regimen, since lean muscle can help you burn fat.
  6. Get an activity tracker. Activity trackers — which can help you track your steps, stairs, calories, and your heart rate — can be fun and helpful tools to get you excited about exercising. If you get a tracker, connect with your family members and friends for some "healthy" competition.
  7. Stick to it. Whatever program you choose, it's important to keep at it. Make exercising part of your daily routine. If you stay committed and eat healthy, you'll see results. Who knows? You may even get excited about putting on that bathing suit.
Once you’ve established your new healthy goals and habits, you’ll feel so good you may even just keep them up after summer ends!

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