7 Tips for a Successful Housewarming Party

Monday, April 18 at 10:50 AM
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If you find yourself moving to a new home, or renovating your existing home, you probably want to show it off with a housewarming party! Here are some tips to make your gathering go off without a hitch. 

  • Include directions. Since GPS technology is so common it may not seem necessary to include directions in your invite. However, if you’re moving into a new development a GPS may not have mapped your new neighborhood yet, so including directions can prevent your party attendees from getting lost. Or, even if your neighborhood is mapped by a GPS, it may take your guests to the alley behind your house instead of the street parking in front of your house. Including directions in your invite helps your guests show up on time and reduces their stress driving around in circles because they can’t find your new place.
  • Indicate where to park. Your driveway probably isn’t going to accommodate all of your guests’ cars, so let your friends know where they can park. You don’t want to get on your neighbors’ bad side by having a guest park in front of their mailbox blocking the mailman from delivering the mail. Is there a clubhouse for your neighborhood with designated guest parking? 
  • Invite neighbors. As a new resident, you’re probably not best friends yet with the people next door, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invite them to your party. In fact, this is a great way to become friends with them!
  • Serve finger food. This makes it easier on you as the host because it allows you to bring out food as it’s ready so you’re not pressured to have all the food ready at once. Finger foods, rather than a sit down dinner, also make it easier for guests to mingle.
  • Provide easy entertainment. Guests will probably drop in and out throughout the party, so provide casual entertainment – like karaoke, card games or lawn games – which people can easily rotate in and out of.
  • Give one-off tours. Instead of one big grand tour where you take all your guests through your home at once, opt for one-off tours with each guest. This will give you some one-on-one time with each friend which is a novelty when you’re hosting a party.
  • Set up additional seating. Don’t be afraid to pull furniture from other rooms into the main party area of the house, whether it’s the bench that normally sits at the foot of your bed or the chairs which usually accompany the kitchen and dining room tables. Also, look for less traditional seating options like setting up throw pillows on a fireplace or on a window ledge. 
With some thoughtful planning you can make your guests feel right at home when visiting your new digs.  

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