Introducing Community Development Team in Kansas City

Thursday, March 10 at 07:50 AM
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Arvest Bank’s Community Development team was created to improve the quality of life for the urban core of Kansas City by bridging the gap between the underbanked, underserved and the mainstream. This department is unique to Arvest Bank; in fact, no other department exists like it in any other region! Greater Kansas City has progressively thought outside the box in order to meet the needs of the community and has placed a focus on four pillars: education, housing, economic development, and health and wellness. 

Each of the three team members serves a different area of the city and this flexibility allows the bank to reach more of the metro area effectively. By working side by side with the community, they plan to promote savings and asset growth while creating a circle of trust. 
Raul Duran is the Community Development Team Manager and has been with Arvest since 2010. With his 19 years of banking experience, he brings vast knowledge of the banking industry to his team. His main goal is to facilitate education among the underserved community of Kansas City in order to break the cycle of financial illiteracy.
Raul started the Urban Core Advisory Group in early 2014 to focus on meeting the needs of those that are underserved in the community. This group meets quarterly and is made up of Arvest associates and key members from organizations throughout the Kansas City metro area. Volunteering with these organizations and keeping an open dialog has helped guide Arvest in their efforts. 
Ingrid Hinson is a Mortgage Lender who has been with Arvest since 2012. With her 13 years of banking experience, she wants to focus on working with low or medium income areas to improve their financial lifestyle and empower customers to become home owners. Both Raul and Ingrid are bilingual. 
Shannon Neal is a Community Development Representative and has been with Arvest since 2013. She has 24 years of banking experience and her passions include: building relationships, volunteering and financial literacy education.  
In 2015, the team invested 501 hours into the community — that equates to 62 regular work days! The team also delivered 93 financial literacy seminars. The goal for 2016 is even higher and the team has already started volunteering and looking for new opportunities. 
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