Fraud Alert: Phishing Phone Calls

Friday, November 18 at 02:20 PM
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Arvest Bank has become aware of a phone phishing scam, which some customers have experienced. In the scam the customer receives an automated phone call from a number with an 844 area code saying the customer’s card has been blocked. The message prompts the customer to enter their credit/debit card number. These calls are fraudulent and are not generated by Arvest Bank.

If you received a phone call like this and entered your personal information, please contact us immediately at (866) 952-9523, so we can protect your account. 

If you received a phone call like this but did not divulge confidential information, please notify us via email at If possible, please include the phone number the call came from and the type of information asked for (e.g., card number, account number).

Phishing scams come in a variety of forms. While some are similar to this one, others come in the form of emails, customer service surveys or text messages. While it can be difficult to identify spoofed text messages, email messages, websites and automated phone systems, it is not difficult to know if any of these may be related to a fraudulent phishing scam. The key is knowing that legitimate businesses do not send messages or make automated calls to customers prompting them to divulge confidential information. If you receive such a message, or automated phone call, no matter how genuine it may appear, assume it to be fraudulent and please notify the legitimate business immediately.

For more information on phishing scams, identity theft and other helpful information, please visit our consumer protection resource center.
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