5 Tips for Small Business Content Marketing

Wednesday, November 16 at 06:45 AM
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Marketing experts consistently suggest a content-first strategy for businesses of all sizes. With the right strategy in place, businesses have the ability to reach customers and prospective customers quickly and easily in order to grow brand recognition and loyalty. While the method itself isn’t about selling products, this loyalty builds the relationship between customer and business, which ultimately leads to sales. 

All of this may still seem overwhelming for a small business to get started in the large world of content marketing. Here are five simple tips to put your business on the right path:  

Strategize: Decide what your area of expertise is. This will determine what your content will revolve around and the resources you’ll need to build that content. A hardware supply store’s content strategy could include a story on building homes for veterans; appealing to a broad audience while not focusing solely on tools. People looking to buy tools in the future now have a connection to this store based on helping people instead of the products themselves. 

Once you know your subject matter, answer the other logistical questions of who the audience is, where and how they will consume the content and what your ultimate goals for content marketing are for your small business.

Timeline: You have a strategy in place. You’re starting to create content. Now it’s time to create a calendar of when and through which channels you want to distribute content. This timeline can be flexible based on current events, promotions, etc. but having a guideline will keep you ahead of the game and allow time to plan.  

Make it Visual: Videos make content easy and fast to consume. They also add depth to your content – giving viewers a face, voice or even a logo to recognize that will tie your content together. Brand the videos similarly to keep this relationship consistent. Think of this is your business’ own personal TV channel; each video is its own show within the larger theme of the overall strategy. 

Get Social: Easy way to distribute your videos and other content? Utilize social media platforms! Your followers will automatically see the content, but will also be able to share it to reach a broader audience that wouldn’t normally be possible without traditional marketing channels. Just remember to be mindful of social media best practices – don’t overwhelm followers with content every day and don’t solely rely on this content to fill your social media pages. 

Most small businesses already have social media pages, websites and blogs setup. Go through content that may already exist on these pages and revamp it for your marketing strategy! This will give you a content boost to get started and make sure those posts from six months ago don’t go to waste.

Most importantly, be sure to make your content marketing strategy true to your business and your customers. Content that is irrelevant to your brand equals content that won’t be consumed. 

Need some inspiration? Watch Arvest’s latest People Helping People video for ideas on how to get started! 

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