5 Simple Ways to Win Over Your Boss

Monday, January 18 at 11:15 AM
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You can pick your friends, but unfortunately, it doesn't work the same way with your boss. The person who has a strong voice in determining how much you make, how you spend your working days and how far you can go in your company. Given the power your boss wields, it makes sense to build a strong relationship with him or her. Here are five strategies to help you get the man or woman in the corner office on your side.

  1. Get to know your boss. If you're new to your job and your boss, one of the first steps you should take is to observe your boss. Learn what is important to them and their work schedule. For example, if he or she is a morning person, make it a point to get in early so you can get one-on-one time. Also, look at your boss' relationship with others in the workplace. Determine whom your boss values and what qualities he or she possesses that you can emulate.
  2. Communicate regularly. Ask your boss his or her preferred method of communication. Is it in-person? Via email? Once your determine it, communicate with them on a regular basis about the status of your projects. Be selective in what you send as you don't want to inundate your boss with needless reports and information. Creating more work for your boss is one way to get on his or her bad side.
  3. Be loyal. Offices are filled with people who like to gossip and talk about others. While it may be tempting to vent to your co-workers, talking about your boss or your company could do irreparable harm to your career and your relationship. In the workplace, trust is everything.
  4. Be a problem solver. If your boss manages multiple people, he or she probably has a lot of responsibilities and headaches. The last thing your boss wants to do is hear about more problems. If you have to inform your boss about a problem, be prepared to bring forth some well thought out solutions.
  5. Be a team player. Think of your workplace as a team and your boss as the manager. If your co-workers need assistance, try and help them. If your boss asks you do something, do it in a timely manner without complaining. Be an example for others in the workplace.
When you have a strong relationship with your boss, everyone wins. You'll be happier going to work, and even more importantly, you'll build a strong record that could put you on a path to help you get ahead — maybe even become the boss.

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