Time Saving Tips for the Holiday Season

Wednesday, October 14 at 09:35 AM
Category: Personal Finance

The holiday season is upon us and here are some great ways to help you save time (and make your holidays happier) this season!

Holiday Shopping
  • Shop When Others Don’t – Avoid getting your holiday spirit (and yourself) crushed by the throngs of weekend shoppers. Retail stores generally offer extended hours during the holiday season, so take advantage of these hours and cross a few gifts off your list before or after work! Hit the local toy store later in the evening – after the kids have gone home and are dreaming of Santa’s visit.
  • Come Up With a “Go-To Gift” – Do you stress over what to get people outside of your immediate family every year? If so, come up with one gift that you can give to the rest of the people on your list.  Maybe it’s a book you love, cupcakes from your favorite local bakery, your favorite bottle of wine or stationery personalized with the recipients initials or name.
Family and Kids
  • Put Family Activities on the Calendar – Whether it’s caroling, ice skating or some other holiday activity with your family – write it on the calendar and stick to it! Schedule your other holiday errands, gatherings and to-do’s around these activities. That way, you won’t miss out on family holiday memory making.
  • Schedule a “Playdate Exchange” – Cookie exchanges are popular during the holiday season, but have you thought about a playdate exchange? Make a deal with a friend to watch their kids for a few hours so they can go holiday shopping, run errands, grocery shop, etc. Then they return the favor for you so that you can mark a few things of your list too!
In the Kitchen
  • Pre-Mix Dry Baking Ingredients – Streamline your holiday baking by mixing or sifting your recipes’ dry ingredients ahead of time. Store the mixes in labeled bags or containers and when it’s time to bake, take out one container – instead of the flour, sugar, spices and more. Less time cleaning up the mess, more time for enjoying the treats!
  • Don’t Be Afraid of Store Bought – If you’re hosting a holiday gathering, you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen making everything from scratch. Pick up a few delicious desserts and side dishes at your local grocer and put them in your own serving dishes and platters. No one will ever know that you didn’t spend all day peeling potatoes and making homemade pie crust!
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