5 Home Decorating Trends to Spice Up Your Home

Thursday, April 16 at 09:10 AM
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Are you looking to add a little pazazz to your home? Check out these five home decorating trends for 2015 that will help you make a statement!

Mix metals! Mix cool and warm-toned metals for a style that’s personal to you. Copper is the popular home decor metal of the year, but don’t feel the need to tie yourself down to it. Select metals based on the vibe you want to put off. Steel will give an industrial look, brass will give a classic look, gold will give an elegant look and so forth. A combination of your favorite metals will give YOUR look! For a traditional non-bling look, use metals on expected surfaces like fixtures and hardware. But, if you want to make a statement, think outside the box. Metals can be used in more than just a kitchen or bathroom. For example, consider a metal framed end table or wall hanging for a family room, foyer or bedroom. 
Splash deep rich colors. Don’t be afraid to adorn walls, furniture and accessories with deep rich colors. It’ll make a bold picture that says you care about what your home looks like. Deep blue is especially popular this year. Want to up the ante? Decorate in a rich color with a luxe finish – think high gloss and velvet. 
Personalize it. Hang pictures, decorate with objects, and use furniture that reflect what you like and what tells the story of your life. Collect something? Put it out on display. There’s no use having a collection that stays in a box or closet! If you’ve traveled a lot, then display the pieces you’ve picked up from your travels. Your décor will make you happy because it’s an expression of your personality, and it’ll be a great conversation starter when guests visit!
Use Latin American inspired décor. Woven fabrics, handmade pottery, vibrant colors, bold patterns and big florals – the quintessential Latin American décor – add a cultural experience to your home. Because these pieces make such a statement, a little bit goes a long way. Use Latin American-inspired accessories and accents like throw pillows, art work, linens and dishes.
Bring back old school. Old-style bathrooms with claw foot tubs are coming back. Interestingly, in this high tech world when we want to relax we leave behind air jets and other modern features and go back to a traditional soak. Some trends cycle back in and claw foot tubs are one of them. Out with the new, in with the old!   
Armed with these latest home decorating trends, decide which reflect your personal style then go and spruce up your home!

Lauren on 4/22/2015 at 5:26 PM
These tips are sure to help you spice up your home! Thanks for sharing the latest trends in home decor.

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