8 Ways to Cut Expenses and Still Enjoy Life

Monday, February 23 at 09:35 AM
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Saving money isn’t about depriving yourself. Instead, it’s finding cost-effective ways to enjoy life. With a little creativity you can shave expenses while still having fun! America Saves Week, which is Feb. 23-28, is the perfect time to review some clever ways to cut costs and thus increase your nest egg.

Procure services from students. Visit beauty schools, massage schools, dental schools and similar establishments for discounts on services like haircuts and colors, massages, dental work, etc. Just don’t get upset if the quality of service isn’t what you get from an upscale salon or professional medical office.

Start a garden. Growing your own fruits and vegetables will obviously reduce your grocery bill, which is an expense many feel is hard to decrease while maintaining a healthy diet. A garden can also help reduce last-minute trips to the grocery store, which burns fuel for your car, when you forget something.

Pare down your hair services.
Extend the time between salon visits, color your own hair or don’t color it at all. Cut your hair; you’ll use less hair products like shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, etc. To extend the savings even further, males may consider shaving their head bald which will allow savings on haircuts in addition to hair products.
Exchange clothes and shop discounts. Adults often find it’s not that their clothes wear out, but they just get tired of wearing the same thing. Swap clothes with a friend or co-worker to add variety to your wardrobe without spending any money. Shop secondhand stores, eBay,* Craigslist* and virtual bulletin boards for gently-used items, especially accessories which often get less wear and tear than clothing. This allows you to freshen up your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Swap services with a friend. Find a friend who has a skill you need. Exchange services by sharing one of your talents. Have a friend with a nice camera and an eye for detail? Ask him or her to take family photos in exchange for an oil change or another talent you can share. Even a straight across swap like babysitting for each other works well!

Use Online BillPay. You’ll save money on checks, envelopes and stamps. Plus, you can schedule payments ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about an overdue payment and late fees.

Attend a nearby community college. Staying local with a community college will allow you to live with family thus saving on housing and tuition. After two years, transfer to a university for more advanced schooling. Just remember to research beforehand to make sure your credits transfer to the new university.

Scale back on parties. With birthdays, baby showers, graduations, promotions, award recognitions and more, there’s no shortage of excuses to party, but the cost to celebrate can add up quick. Opt for free venues (like a park or home) and skip the décor. For food, just do appetizers or dessert instead of a full-course meal or have everyone meet at a restaurant going dutch.

Don’t stop having fun just because you’re trying to save money. Consider the suggestions above, or one of your own, to meet your savings goals while still enjoying life.

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