5 Tips to Select Paint Color

Monday, April 20 at 09:40 AM
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Whether you’ve just bought a new home or want to freshen up your existing home, painting the walls is a great way to cost-effectively update your home’s look. Here are five tips to help you select the color that’s right for you. 

Determine what mood you want the room to give off. You may want a different atmosphere for different rooms. Do you want to be energized? Perhaps you entertain frequently and want a playful vibe. Do you want to feel relaxed? Your home may be your quiet retreat to escape from the world. Once you determine the mood, then you can select a color scheme to help you achieve that feeling.
Decide what color scheme you want to go with. Monochromatic and complementary are two of the most popular color schemes. Monochromatic colors – or colors which are different shades, tints and tones of one color – put off a more relaxed vibe. Complementary colors, often referred to as opposite or contrasting colors, are more energizing. Other color schemes* to consider include achromatic, analogous, triadic colors, tetradic colors and polychromatic colors. An interior designer or the paint expert at your local paint store can provide additional insight if you’re still stumped after your own research.
It’s hard to visualize what the little paper paint color swatches will look like on your much larger wall at home, so don’t be afraid to test out paint colors. Many paint stores will sell paint samples to take home and paint on a wall. Or, if you’re at a friend’s house and like their wall color, don’t be afraid to ask if they have some extra paint you can use to paint a test swatch on your wall. Seeing the color on your wall allows you to see the color in your home’s lighting which could be different than how you see the color in another environment. 
Technology has made it easier than ever to visualize color in your home. Benjamin Moore’s personal color viewer,* and other similar tools, allow you to upload a picture of the room you’d like to paint and see how different paint colors look in the space without ever getting a paintbrush wet. ColorSnap* is a color-matching app which lets you upload pictures and match the colors in the pictures to Sherwin-Williams paint colors. A number of other websites and apps have similar capabilities. Use these tools to help you easily visualize colors in your space.
Still having trouble finding the right color? Find an inspiration piece. Your inspiration doesn’t necessarily have to be something you’d put in your home; it can be an article of clothing, accessory, picture of someone else’s home, etc. This inspiration piece can help you determine what color scheme you like.
Don’t get overwhelmed with the multiplicity of colors for your home. You can narrow your choices by examining mood, color schemes, samples, apps and websites, and inspiration pieces. Want to go beyond just changing the paint color? Check out our Pinterest board on other home improvements* to consider. 
Links marked with * go to a third-party site not operated or endorsed by Arvest Bank, an FDIC-insured institution.

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Ray Bunce on 4/20/2015 at 3:15 PM
These are all good tips to use; just remember, color choice is the hardest job in painting. I work in the paint department of a national big-box home improvement store, and when folks rush the color selection I know I will see them again before they are ready to see me. Repainting because you did not get the color right is no fun! So, take your time, get some sample jars, and when in doubt ask.
Lauren on 5/18/2015 at 3:42 PM
Painting a test swatch on your wall can help you better visualize how the paint color will look! Thanks for sharing.

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