A Breath of Spring for You and Your Home

Friday, March 20 at 09:45 AM
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After a winter spent indoors with the windows shut tight, you and your home need a good breath of fresh air. Use this checklist and tips to create your own spring cleaning routine.

Windows: To make the most of the longer days and brighter sun, wash windows inside and out. Clean on an overcast or cloudy day to prevent the window spray from drying quickly, which causes streaks. Remove window treatments and launder or air out before replacing.
Doors: Refresh the welcome you receive every time you come home. Wash around the front door and touch up with paint if needed. Clean or replace doormats to prevent dirt from being tracked into the house.
Carpets & floors: Rent a carpet cleaner or hire a professional. Vacuum and air out area rugs, or send them out for professional cleaning. Replace mats inside doors with lighter ones if desired or new ones if worn out. Wash hardwood, ceramic tile and laminate floors throughout house.
Ceiling care: Grab a ladder and make those lights shine! Remove domes from light fixtures and empty dust, bugs and other mysterious debris, then clean with window cleaner and replace. Wipe dust from light bulbs and ceiling fan blades. Dust cobwebs from corners and areas where the ceiling meets the walls.
Cold weather clothing and bedding: Switch out heavy sweaters and winter coats for spring wear. Launder blankets and comforters that are used year-round to freshen the room. Be sure to wash or professionally clean items before storing for the summer.
Heating and cooling systems: Replace filters. Schedule a routine service call if necessary. Vacuum heating and cooling blowers and registers. Clean chimney or wood burning stove and remove ashes from the fireplace. Clean humidifier(s) and store for the summer.
Winter tools: Stash away snow shovels, ice scrapers and rock salt. Store neatly in a garage or shed in an area that won't be disturbed throughout the spring and summer.
Bring spring inside: Open the windows to air out the house and enjoy the scents of spring. Cut early blooms and place them in bright vases and containers around the house.
Congratulations! You've survived another long winter and are being rewarded with the much anticipated season of rebirth. Open the door, step outside and take a deep breath of that warm spring air!
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