Planning a Successful Book Club

Thursday, February 04 at 01:10 PM
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Step aside knitting circles, bunko parties and bridge groups, there's a new leisure activity that's become an increasingly popular way to bring people together — book clubs. Why not? Book clubs offer great benefits. They provide intellectual stimulation, foster community and help people escape the everyday stresses of life.

If you're thinking about starting a book club of your own, you can be assured it costs very little and is relatively easy to get started. Here are some steps you can take to get your book club together and ensure you are on the same page with the friends, family members, neighbors or colleagues who may want to join.
  • Establish your theme. What types of books will you read? Will your book club be made up of serious, scholarly readers or casual readers? It's important you determine this upfront so the expectations of the book club are clear to all. 
  • Get your "characters" to join. You can't have a book club without people, so invite friends, neighbors and work colleagues to join. 
  • Find the setting. Will you meet at someone's house, the local library or a coffee shop? Talk to members of your book club to determine their preferences. If you decide to have it a house, think about alternating houses each session. 
  • Outline book club rules. It's important to set the expectations of the group. Work with members to establish rules of the book club, including:

- How often will you meet?
- How will books be selected?
- Who will select them?
- What are the rules for expressing differing opinions?
- How will discussion questions be created?
- Who will moderate each session?
- What's the maximum number of members the book club should have?

  • Prepare your discussion questions. To facilitate your discussions at book club, it's a good idea to prepare some discussion questions. Some authors provide sample discussion questions on their websites or in their books. You may also want to research the author and their backgrounds to help educate other members of the club.
Once you’ve established a group, enjoy yourself! 

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