Score a Touchdown with Your Finances

Tuesday, October 13 at 11:40 AM
Category: Personal Finance

Football season is in full swing and while you’re monitoring your fantasy team and binge watching games on the weekends, these football terms can also help you hoist the trophy of financial success!

  • Score Six with a Budget – A surefire way to score a touchdown with your finances is to create a budget and stick to it!
  • Nail the Extra Point – Build up your savings by putting a percentage of each paycheck into your savings account. 
  • Have a Game Plan – Whether it’s saving for your children’s college education, paying off debt or planning for retirement, having a plan for how you are going to meet your financial goals is very important. 
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Call a Time Out – Circumstances change, and it’s okay to take some time to rethink and reprioritize your game plan, or come up with a new one!
  • Be Prepared for When Life Calls an Audible – Emergencies happen, job statuses change, your transmission needs to be replaced. It’s important to have an emergency fund for life’s unexpected events. 
  • Don’t Deflate! – Don’t take the “air” out of your account because of overdraft fees. Did you know that you can set up Account Alerts through Arvest Online Banking? Create alerts to notify you of low balances, transactions over a specified dollar amount and more! Set up these alerts so that you are always on top of your spending activity.
  • Avoid Penalties – Set up automatic payments on things like car payments and credit card bills. This will help you avoid paying late fees by ensuring your bill is paid on time!
Even if you’re not a football fan, you can still be a financial MVP!

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Janet Dudley on 10/19/2015 at 11:58 PM
When will the budgeting tool be available?
Arvest Blog Admin on 10/20/2015 at 1:50 PM
Janet -- Thanks for your interest. Over the next several months we'll be rolling out a budgeting tool built within a new online banking system.
Holborn Assets on 10/30/2015 at 8:33 AM
What a plan. I am impressed with all the tips mentioned in an appropriate manner. This can help a lot of your viewers in managing their budgets.

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