Tips for Opening Your Pool for the Season

Thursday, May 22 at 12:05 PM
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May is the month for blooming flowers, warmer temperatures, cookouts, and the unofficial start of the summer season — Memorial Day. And for many others, it marks opening season on a very special time of year — swimming pool season. Experienced pool owners know there is a lot more to opening a pool than just taking off the cover.

Here are some pool opening tips to ensure you and your family make the most of this very short season.

  • Be sure to sweep and remove any dirt or debris from the cover and deck.
  • Remove the cover and plugs.
  • Clean the cover. Allow it to dry (to prevent mildew) before folding and storing it away for the summer.
  • Unplug all piping, both in the pool and at the filter system area.
  • Connect the pump, filter, and any other additional equipment you might have (booster pumps, heaters, etc.).
  • Don't empty your pool. When you remove your pool cover and see the state of the murky water, it's easy to think that you should just drain the water and start fresh. However, pool experts caution that removing the water is a "no-no." The weight of the water on the ground, particularly in high water table areas, can lift some pools right out of the ground.
  • Clean up your pool. The long winter can take a toll on your pool, so it's important that you take time to clean it up as well as the area around the pool. Be sure to clean out all the baskets in the pool and to carefully clean and assemble the filter.
  • Add water if needed. If the water level has dropped, raise it by adding fresh water.
  • Get your water tested. Most pool stores will test your water for you at no charge. They will assess the mineral content, pH and chlorine levels, and will tell you how to adjust the levels.
  • Adjust your chemicals. Based on the testing results from the pool store, make necessary chemical changes.
  • Be patient. While you may be anxious to jump right in, it's important that you allow time for the pool to clear. In general, you can expect it to take about a week for the water to be safe and clear.
  • Vacuum your pool. Be sure to vacuum all debris and leaves that have accumulated on the bottom of the pool.
  • Test your water quality regularly throughout the season. You should test the levels of your pool every day with a test kit, and vacuum often to ensure your pool stays healthy for the season.

Once you complete these steps, be sure to take one extremely important final step that makes your hard work worthwhile — jump in.

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