No More Pencils, No More Books

Thursday, May 29 at 11:15 AM
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The last day of school is an important milestone for you and your child, and the culmination of months of hard work and dedication. It's also a tremendous reason to celebrate! Here are some fun and exciting ways to celebrate this special day and to recognize your child's success:

  • Plan a fun day trip — for the whole family. Take off for the day by bringing your family to the beach, lake or the amusement park. To add excitement, tell your child you have a mystery trip for them when they get home.
  • Plan your summer vacation getaway. If the money is in your budget, consider scheduling your vacation to start on the last day of school. What better way to celebrate you and your child's hard work during the school year than a relaxing vacation?
  • Greet your child with balloons. Imagine your child's surprise and excitement when he or she gets off the bus and finds you waiting with balloons. For added fun, blow bubbles!
  • Go shopping for "summer supplies." You shop for school supplies to prepare your children for the start of school, so why not shop for supplies to prepare them for the start of summer? Purchase summer clothes, bathing suits, beach pails, arts and crafts, puzzles and other fun stuff.
  • Broadcast your child's accomplishments. Create a poster or dedicate a bulletin board in your home to highlight the accomplishments of your child throughout the school year. Include pictures at the beginning of the year, school art projects and great test results.
  • Create a finish line in your driveway. When your child gets off the bus have them cross a "finish line" with a ribbon and take a picture or video of them when they cross it.
  • Host a last-day-of-school party. Invite some of your child's friends and their parents over for a celebration equipped with cake and balloons. Hand out fun summer party favors.
  • Make your child a summer fun basket. Fill a giant pail with things your child will use this summer, such as squirt guns, sand toys and their favorite treats.
  • Put together a jar with lists of activities you will do over the summer. Then, each week, you can ask your child to draw something from the jar. This will give your child something to look forward to each week and ensure you take time from your busy schedules to do things together.

Cause for celebration — for all ages
End of school celebrations aren't just for little kids. Even older children, including teenagers, like to be recognized for their accomplishments. Be sure to include activities and items that teens enjoy — schedule a trip to the mall, take them to an amusement park, get tickets to a baseball game or arrange for a pedicure.

No matter how you celebrate the last day of school, the important thing is you recognize your child's hard work and success. That's a lesson they will never forget.

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