Arvest Provides International Guidance Right At Home

Monday, April 28 at 09:25 AM
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Did you know Arvest provides international banking services to our business customers? International banking services include wire transfers, currency conversions, Letter of Credit, financing, foreign check clearing and more!

LOWELL, Ark. — In today’s global economy, many business owners find themselves expanding their business into other countries. This growth relies heavily on banking with a financial institution that is committed to providing personalized services in all international products. Whether it is a loan, a line of credit or an international wire transfer, Arvest Bank has the tools and experts to guide and assist business owners with all of their international banking needs.

Christine Glauber, Business Development Manager for Arvest Bank’s International Department said, “People may be surprised to learn that a bank as community-focused as Arvest has a full-service international division. Many businesses right here in our area are also working in places all over the world. It is our job to make sure that those operations and transactions go smoothly and that our customers have everything they need to work internationally.”

International banking is much more than just wire transfers and currency conversions. For imports and exports Arvest provides Letter of Credit service to coordinate the transfer of trade documents and payments when importing goods from an international source, and also facilitates the collection of payments under Export Letters of Credit by advising businesses on any inherent risk involved in the terms of the foreign letter of credit. Arvest works to structure Letters of Credit per the sales contract, review documents for discrepancies and effect payment on behalf of the business. Beyond Letters of Credit, they can also assist with pre-export financing, acceptance financing, foreign check clearing, making and receiving payments in both U.S. dollars and foreign denominations, and setting up the appropriate type of forward contract to hedge against foreign currency fluctuations.

The entire Arvest international banking team is cross-trained in all areas, which means there are more people available to help clients at any given time. Also, callers to Arvest’s international banking division never have to worry about an automated machine, the line is direct. Arvest’s international specialists are a service-focused group that can provide the strong support that companies new to doing business internationally need when they expand into the international arena.   

“Arvest’s goal is always to give our customers the best service as we work to meet all their needs. The International Department works each day to guide our customers through the geographic barriers that they might not be able to otherwise navigate,” Glauber continued. “We have the experience and the expert staff to give local businesses the expertise and tools they need in the ever-changing world of international business.” 

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