Merchant Data Breaches Prompt Card Replacement

Thursday, November 13 at 10:00 AM
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Arvest is replacing debit and credit cards of customers who are at an increased risk of fraudulent card usage as a result of data breaches reported by several national retailers over the past few months. This was not an Arvest security breach. It impacts customers who made purchases with their debit or credit cards directly from compromised merchants and includes customers of different banks from around the country.

What is Arvest doing?
We have contacted the customers affected by the recent merchant breaches, and they should have received their replacement cards in the mail. Cards of at-risk customers will be deactivated when they use their new card or on Dec. 31, 2014, whichever is sooner. If customers have not been contacted yet, then their card is not at an increased risk.

Our systems routinely monitor card activity and attempt to identify unusual and potentially unauthorized transactions. While our systems may not detect all unauthorized use, we attempt to promptly contact any cardholder who we determine may be the subject of unauthorized transactions.

What should customers do?
Customers should begin using this new card as soon as possible and destroy their old card. They also need to update any automatic payments tied to their old card with new card information. If cardholders had ATM preferences with their old card, preferences will need to be re-established when using the new card for the first time at an Arvest ATM. Arvest will ensure new cards have the same limits as old cards, same PIN as old cards and are tied to Arvest Rewards, if applicable.

As always, we recommend customers monitor their accounts for unauthorized transactions using web banking, mobile banking, telephone banking or monthly statements. If an unauthorized or otherwise suspicious transaction occurs, report the activity to Arvest immediately by calling (866) 952-9523 or visiting your local Arvest Bank branch.

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