Seahawks vs. Broncos – Tips for Your Viewing Party

Friday, January 31 at 08:45 AM
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America loves football, and there's no better time to celebrate football season than this weekend. While you may not be able to join the crowds live at MetLife Stadium to watch the Seahawks vs. Bronocs, you can bring your own crowd into your home with a super football party. Here's an easy-to-follow game plan for wowing your friends and family:

Set your roster. The key to a successful party is determining whom you will bring together. Will your party be for serious, diehard football fans or for casual observers? You wouldn't want to put a football fanatic next to someone who has no interest in the game. It's important to know your guests' football interests, so you can make sure and accommodate them all.

Ready the home field. Get out your "footballware." Football-themed plates and napkins are a great way to show your spirit. Hang streamers and banners of your favorite team. Maybe even throw on a football shirt of your own.

Prepare your concessions. You can score points with your guests by having the right snacks. Of course, you'll want the usual snacks, such as chips and dip, nachos, chili and vegetable dip. For a list of super food ideas, including dips, sandwiches and other football-themed delicious treats, visit sites like the Food Network.*

Make the best seats in the house. Arrange your furniture and chairs so all guests can have a clear and comfortable view of the game. If your party spills into other rooms, then make sure you have a TV or radio set up in each room so football fanatics don't miss a play.

Get in the game. Prior to the game, ask your guests to submit a prediction for the score after each quarter and for the end of the game. Then award fun little prizes to the person who makes the right prediction.

By following these simple steps, you'll ensure a winning event no matter what the score!

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