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Friday, July 26 at 08:35 AM
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Located in North Little Rock, Ark., Family Leisure is, as their website boasts, “where family and fun come together.” And with everything from pools and spas, to game tables and tanning beds, they truly live up to that description. For 11 years the company has been bringing the best in adult and family recreation to the Little Rock area.

Setting them apart from the competition, Family Leisure* chooses to offer a wide variety of quality, premier products to its Little Rock customers, as opposed to specializing in just one product category. That being the case, they must work continuously to ensure they offer the right products at the right prices. This is achieved, in part, by consistently working with their manufacturers to get the best possible deals, enabling them to pass those savings on to their customers.

Another source of pride for Family Leisure, according to Richard Uekman, President of Family Leisure Little Rock, is the extensive product knowledge of their staff.

“The sales and service training is nonstop, making us the most knowledgeable about every product we carry,” said Richard Uekman, President of Family Leisure Little Rock.

This training allows the associates of Family Leisure to provide their customers with the best possible service which is a big key to the company’s success.

Arvest Bank provides Family Leisure Little Rock with business banking products and services, allowing them to better serve their customers. Arvest Bank is proud to support local businesses and is dedicated to providing them with quality financial solutions to meet their specific needs.

Family Leisure is located at 308 Lake Lane in North Little Rock, Ark. For more information, please visit their website* or check them out on Facebook.*

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Claudia Rosenburg on 5/9/2014 at 5:28 PM

I think it's great that Family Leisure encourages their employees to know the products they are selling. I once worked in a chocolate shop with very specialized flavors. I had to know the candy really well so if customers asked about allergens or other concerns, I could give them an accurate response. Every company, no matter what they sell, should encourage employees to become experts on their products. Claudia Rosenburg | Pool Service Co.

*Comment edited by blog admin on 5/9/14.

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