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Friday, June 28 at 08:45 AM
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Twenty-two years ago, Karen Sherman started her veterinary practice by working out of her home and her truck.  After two years of the mobile practice, the Southwest Missouri native constructed a clinic at 14391 Dove Road, Pea Ridge, Ark., a clinic she still operates today.

“Pea Ridge was a great welcoming community to start a business,” Dr. Sherman said. “The local people were so inviting, and they had a need for a caring veterinary clinic to care for their animals and pets.”

The clinic has grown to employ eight full-time and five part-time people, with two of those being full-time veterinarians and one part-time veterinarian.

One aspect of the early years of her practice has not changed, Dr. Sherman said. While the staff is very knowledgeable and make serious efforts to educate the clients about conditions and diseases that can affect their pets and animals, the staff are constantly working to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

“Staff members are constantly being trained and educated on new drugs, treatments and care of all animals within the clinic, “ Dr. Sherman said. “We make numerous trips to seminars to stay current on the new knowledge for animals, including house pets, farm animals and wild animals as well.”

All those long hours and hard work have paid off, helping the clinic provide sincere care for the health of area animals and the success of the business. Offering the best quality care possible for pets, people and farm animals is the top goal of the clinic, Dr. Sherman said.

It is the same dedication and hard work Dr. Sherman sees from the associates at Arvest Bank that helps her business succeed.

“I became a customer of Arvest Bank as a veterinary student. Since then I’ve been very pleased with the tools Arvest has given me to grow and manage the financial needs and daily challenges of my small business,” Dr. Sherman said. “The staff at Arvest Pea Ridge is extremely helpful. They work very hard to keep us satisfied.”

To learn more about Oak View Animal Clinic visit their website* or Facebook page.*

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