Biz Spotlight: Daylight Donuts

Friday, June 21 at 10:05 AM
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Looking for a good breakfast or quick snack in Berryville, Ark.? Tim and Laura Poynter will bet you dollars to donuts you won’t leave their shop hungry.

The year-old shop, which opened April 26, 2012, at 803 Eureka Street, is known for its quality products. Whether it is the best donuts in town or any of the Poynters’ other offerings such as ham, sausage or cheese rolls; biscuits and gravy; quiche or cinnamon rolls, Tim Poynter says he never cuts corners and uses only the freshest and finest ingredients.

“We are a small shop with just one location and five part-time employees,” Laura Poynter said. “But Tim’s experience in the restaurant business and the hard work of family helps us offer an outstanding product for a very fair price.”

They manage to offer those goodies during a wide range of hours — 1 a.m. to noon Monday through Saturday. That might seem like unusual hours for a small city such as Berryville, but Tim and Laura are Berryville natives and have known their customers for many years. Late shifts at area factories and early risers keep the donut shop jumping.

They also pride themselves on providing not just a quality product but with outstanding customer service, much like Arvest Bank did when the couple decided to open the shop.

“Arvest Bank has been there with us since the beginning,” Laura said. “They helped us make it all happen.”

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