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Thursday, June 13 at 09:40 AM
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A new online tool is now available to help you find answers to banking questions more quickly and easily than before! The Ask Arvest feature is located on and is available 24/7 to answer common questions about our products, services and many other topics related to banking with Arvest. The goal is to improve your experience by providing quick access to helpful answers.  

What does it do? How does it work?
When you visit, you can enter a question into the Ask box at the top right of each page and click the Ask button to search for an answer. The response to the question is returned on a subsequent page, along with related responses and other suggested questions that may also be of interest. You may rate the quality of the answer and either ask another question or choose one of the other suggested questions. The response page also serves as a keyword search result page, providing links to website pages containing similar topics. Ask Arvest will not return answers to any specific questions relating to your balances or other private account data.

The Ask Arvest question and answer system was first implemented in March on Arvest’s welcome page during Arvest’s acquisition of 29 branches. The system helped answer questions posed by these new customers. During the conversion period, Ask Arvest provided more than 20,000 responses to customer inquiries. We are now adding this tool to support the entire website!

We believe this tool will quickly prove to be helpful in providing online self-service to you and improve your overall banking experience at Arvest.

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Darrin Stratton on 3/23/2014 at 8:34 AM
I just tried to login to my mobile app to pay some bills and after I entered my password it said I was locked out do to failed attempts. Is there someone after hours I can talk to to find out if my account has been hacked.
Arvest Blog Admin on 3/24/2014 at 4:06 PM
Darrin - We're sorry to hear you're having trouble logging into the mobile app. Customer Service is available at (866) 952-9523 Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We apologize for any inconvenience.
nikohl on 7/26/2014 at 4:30 PM
How do I change my password and log in name for mt online banking?
Arvest Blog Admin on 7/28/2014 at 3:56 PM
Nikohl - To reset your password for online banking, please contact a customer service representative at (866) 952-9523, between the hours 7:00am and 8:00pm Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday and Saturday between 8:00am and 5:00pm Central Standard Time. The customer service representative will reset your password for you. You should then immediately log in to Arvest Online Banking and create a new password.
lewis mallard on 9/12/2014 at 5:04 AM
Can't get money off card when I have over draft
Arvest Blog Admin on 9/12/2014 at 1:16 PM
Lewis - Please reach out to our customer service team at (866) 952-9523, and they can help answer specific questions about your account. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to serve you.
Amanda on 2/1/2015 at 3:23 PM
How do I find my account and routing number
Arvest Blog Admin on 2/2/2015 at 3:23 PM

Amanda - Your account number is located on your monthly statement and at the bottom of your check. If you opened your account in Arkansas, Missouri or Greater Kansas City, then your routing number is 082900872. If you opened your account in Oklahoma or Caney, Kan., then your routing number is 103112976. For additional questions feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team at (866) 952-9523.

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