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Friday, May 10 at 02:25 PM
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What started with two brothers trying to communicate between their two businesses in 1888 has evolved into the Prairie Grove Telephone Company of Prairie Grove, Ark., that we know today. Dr. E. G. McCormick of Prairie Grove decided to string telephone lines between his medical office and his brother's pharmacy so they could interact in a more efficient manner. Little did he know what an impact this simple act would do to benefit the people of his town and the surrounding area.  

Within a matter of time, McCormick and his partners had run a phone line approximately twenty miles from Prairie Grove to Fayetteville. At the time, this was the longest telephone line in the state of Arkansas. 

The Prairie Grove Telephone Company* has been a friend and neighbor working side-by-side with the community. They have been keeping pace with the needs and development of their customers in western Washington County. Today the company services over 6,000 residential and business customers in Prairie Grove, Farmington and Lincoln, as well as the rural parts of the county with broadband and high speed Internet services.  

During the Great Depression, their customers were struggling to just stay alive. The Prairie Grove Telephone Company refused to disconnect a single phone due to non-payment and even accepted payment of eggs, vegetables, and sometimes even a cow. Neighbor helping neighbor is what living in a small community is all about. 

The Prairie Grove Telephone Company still shares this philosophy of service today. Awarding scholarships to area students in Prairie Grove, Farmington and Lincoln, is one of the ways the company support the community.

"We have been around for as long as many of our customers' parents and grandparents have,” said David Parks, president of the Prairie Grove Telephone Company. “People like that they can come to their local phone company and talk face-to-face with someone they know."

The phone company also values its friendly and trusted service that it shares with the local Arvest Bank branches in western Washington County. The Prairie Grove Telephone Company also appreciate Arvest’s extended drive-thru hours and customer focused approach to banking.

"Focusing on the customer first is a philosophy we've had for more than 100 years and it's a philosophy we share with Arvest," Parks said. "Whenever we need them, Arvest is always ready to help." 

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