Expand Your Business With Mobile Marketing

Wednesday, May 29 at 09:40 AM
Category: Business Banking

Did you know 78 percent of Americans own a mobile phone or device? With so many people relying on their mobile phones or devices for communication, it makes sense to move into mobile marketing to expand your business. If you're wondering where to start, then follow some of these easy tips:

  1. Modify your website. Consumers browsing the web on their mobile devices have limited screen size and allowable downloads. You might consider modifying your current web design to become more mobile-friendly, this is as known as ‘mobile optimized’.
  2. Advertise. Consider placing a poster or banner ad on an advertising phone network, such as AdMob, Medialets or Pinch Media.
  3. Try texting. Send potential customers coupons and retain loyal customers by offering a discount. You might also send friendly reminders on upcoming services or sales.
  4. Use email. There are numerous agencies that can help deliver mobile optimized email messages.  Emails rank as the contact channel consumers prefer most for marketing communications. 

By expanding your marketing efforts to mobile phones or devices, you may significantly increase your business traffic but it all depends on your audience. Knowing your customer is essential to developing an effective marketing strategy of any kind. Finding out how your customers prefer to receive information about your products or services is key. This can be achieved through an online survey or just asking when they are on the phone or in your place of business. Once you really understand your customer base you will be well on your way to engaging your customers in a way they most enjoy! 

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Nice blog thanks for sharing. Expand business through phone is good option. According to me Blackberry is good option to promote your business as it has option to chat with clients using BBM and also create multimedia presentations with the Blackberry story maker.

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