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Friday, April 05 at 02:10 PM
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If you have ever had to deal with the loss of a loved one, then it is very comforting to know Luginbuel Funeral Home is a friend and neighbor who truly cares for the community. They are located right across the street from the Arvest Bank in Prairie Grove, Ark. Co-owners Loyd Wayne and Sharon Luginbuel understand the necessity to work within a family's budget and try to build an atmosphere where loved ones can feel comfortable and relaxed in their time of grief.

The Luginbuel’s roots have been interwoven within our community since 1890, when Charles Noble Luginbuel worked in Dutch Mills at a mercantile store which also sold caskets, His sons delivered these caskets and thus the family business began.

The Luginbuel Funeral Home* website  is a resource for those facing the death of a loved one. The site provides applications for Arkansas and Oklahoma death certificates, the obituary information form for newspapers and the funeral home’s services. Additionally, they have the obituaries of the recently deceased which include the date of death and where and when the funeral will be held.

Deceased records are also available on the site so you can see the guest book, tributes and family memories video of the deceased patron. The family memories video is a slideshow with pictures celebrating of your loved one’s life. Family members get to pick out their own pictures and special music to go along with the slideshow to preserve the family memories which helps the grief process. 

Arvest Bank is proud to consider the Luginbuel family both neighbors and friends. According to co-owner, Loyd Wayne Luginbuel, Arvest provided financial support and personal service on accounts and loans to the Luginbuel Funeral Home when needed.

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