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Tuesday, March 05 at 02:10 PM
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We’re excited to announce Arvest Rewards members can now cash in their reward points for an even larger selection of retailer gift cards. We’ve just added the option to get gift cards for Cabela’s, Regal Entertainment Group and TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Home Goods on top of over 50 other merchants including restaurants, retailers, hotels and airlines. If you’re not familiar with Arvest Rewards, then you’re missing out! Here’s how it works.

Earning Points
Arvest Rewards members earn reward points on purchases made with an Arvest personal credit card or Arvest CheckCard. You must have an Arvest personal credit card to enroll in Arvest Rewards. You will earn one point for every dollar purchased with your Arvest credit card and one point for every three dollars spent with your Arvest debit card. Points are earned on “signature based” transactions only.

You also have the ability to combine any of the Arvest personal credit or debit cards within your household, so they all accumulate into one point pool maximizing the rewards points.

Tracking Points
Once you start accumulating Arvest Rewards points, you will receive a quarterly statement telling you how many points you have earned. You may also track your points via the Arvest Rewards website. You may also call our rewards provider, Resource Technical Services, at (877) 994-0839, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. CT.

Redeeming Points
You can redeem points for gift cards from over 50 merchants including restaurants, retailers, hotels and airlines online or by calling the redemption center at (877) 994-0839. Points will be deducted from the rewards account upon redemption. You can also redeem points for reimbursement for select travel expenses paid using an Arvest credit card or Arvest CheckCard.

Sign up today for Arvest Rewards, and as a new Arvest Rewards member you will receive 1,000 bonus award points immediately! Enroll all eligible cards in your household into one Arvest Rewards point pool for one low fee. You can either pay $2.49 per month or pay $24.95 per year. Earn just 5,000 points in one year and get back $50—double your investment!

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