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Wednesday, March 20 at 10:20 AM
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“To everything … there is a season.” Its missing, “Turn, Turn, Turn,” in there, but you get the idea. The song, “Turn, Turn, Turn,” by The Byrds* captures the cyclical nature of life. 

Marketing and sales are often cyclical within any industry. So what does a business owner do to combat the lows and capitalize on the high seasons? Here are three ways you can plan some seasonal marketing strategies.

First: Analyze Your Sales Patterns

Layout last year’s sales by week or month to identify patterns. What months or weeks were exceptionally high or low? Do they coincide with holidays? Breaks in school calendars? Periods of life transitions (like housing moves in the summer months)?

Financial product purchases often coincide with life events so bankers market products at different times and in different ways to meet your needs during those time periods. 

Similarly, what can you do to understand general seasonality of your products? Can you layout a marketing calendar to coincide with the seasonality? A Gantt chart* is an easy way to do this.

Second: Think Traditionally

Once you’ve identified seasonality, look at the month more closely for two things. First, what holidays are in the month? For example, May 2013 contains May Day (May 1), Cinco De Mayo (May 5), National Teacher Day (May 7), Mother’s Day (May 12), Armed Forces Day (May 18), and Memorial Day (May 27). Depending on what products and services you sell, any one of those could be a great reason to run a promotion or sale. 

Second, you should also look locally for other May events. Is school getting out? Is there a local festival or event you can piggyback off of? Wedding season is typically starting. Any way you can generate visibility for your business during a time of peak buying is a great idea.

Third: Think Creatively

This is where things can get fun. If every other widget maker recognizes Memorial Day is the best time to advertise widgets, then what can you do to get ahead of the curve? Let’s think creatively to get a jump on the competition.

If we’re still targeting May of 2013, then we can see there are five Fridays in the month (that doesn’t happen all of the time). Better yet, three of these five Fridays are likely paydays for many businesses. What can you do to drive traffic and sales on these dates leading up to Memorial Day? 

Run a Free Fridays promotion all month long where each Friday has a special free item (free samples; buy one, get one free; etc.). You’ll create five reasons people should stop in to see you during the month when they are more likely to purchase your product.   

Other creative ideas include:

  • Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept. 19): Promotion – 5 percent off if you order like a pirate.
  • Boxing Day (Dec. 26): Promotion – buy one box, get one free. 

The point is “there is a time to plant … a time to reap … a time to build up … a time to gain … I swear it’s not too late.” What can you do this month to plan for the upcoming season? 

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