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Wednesday, February 06 at 12:05 PM
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Why on earth would a waiter do something as quirky as wrapping up leftovers in the shape of a tinfoil chicken? Because he knows doing so can be as positive on your overall customer satisfaction as delivering a delicious meal. It’s all about timing.   

Like any industry, the restaurant industry knows its customers expect a complete experience from front to back. This goes from the way they greet customers at the door to making sure they leave happy and full. The best restaurants understand the last portion of your evening can heavily influence how you perceive the entire experience. This is why the best restaurants do the small things like encourage their service staff to write a handwritten thank you note on your bill complete with a smiley face. They also deliver mints with the check and even make tinfoil chickens!

So the question to you is: how do customers leave your business at the end of their transaction? If it’s just with a general thank you, then here are some things to consider to create a better, stronger experience that will stay with the customer.

Make the send-off personal
A traveler who recently visited Washington, D.C., was checking out of his hotel when he was asked, “How was your tour of the Capitol, Mark? Will you be heading directly back home to Arkansas tonight, or are you on your way somewhere else?” The hotel staff member was genuine and utilized the data the guest shared prior to his visit. The staff even used information gathered from one of the traveler’s status updates on Twitter.  

Most hotel check out processes are transactional only or done simply with a receipt slipped under the door. Why did this hotel take the time to create a unique send-off?  They did so because they wanted to make a bigger impact on the traveler and keep him coming back to the property. 

What information can you gain from a conversation or from your database that will allow you to send-off your customers with a personalized goodbye? You want something that will stay with them and keep your business top of mind.   

Keep them thinking about you
The most unique restaurant send-off one guest encountered was because the management taught their staff to wrap left overs in unique shapes tableside.  Chickens, fish, longhorn steers, ducks, the more variety the better. Management wanted to entertain customers and give them a visual cue that will stay with them long after the dining experience ended. Management wanted customers unwrapping their tinfoil chicken at lunch the next day and thinking about the restaurant. 

So, what will be your tinfoil chicken? What personal send-off will keep your customers thinking about you long after the experience ends? Start thinking about how you can give customers something that will impact them on their way out and stay with them for days.

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