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Wednesday, December 26 at 08:00 AM
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Once again this year some of the most popular gifts exchanged at holiday gatherings were gift cards of every kind and every amount.  Gift cards allow the recipient to choose exactly what they want to buy - avoiding returns for the wrong size, color or wrong item altogether.  Visa Gift Cards from Arvest are a great choice because they can be used almost anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

Arvest Visa Gift Cards are a popular holiday gift and thousands are given every year. Here are some tips for using your Arvest Visa Gift Card:

Know your balance before you shop. Go online to check the balance of your card, or call (877) 618-2648.  Since your card has a fixed amount of funds, you will need to know the amount available on your card to ensure you can pay for your purchase.

Avoid problems at the register.  Ask the cashier to ring the card up as a "credit" instead of a debit. This prevents any requests for you to enter a PIN for your gift card.

Conduct a split transaction.  To make a purchase with your gift card for more than the amount stored on the card, simply tell the cashier you need to make a split transaction payment.  Tell them how much to apply to the total from your gift card, and then complete the purchase with another form of payment.    If the full purchase amount exceeds the total on the card, the transaction will be rejected unless you use this method.

If you have more questions about your new Arvest Visa Gift Card, visit our website or call (866) 952-9523.  

Still need a last minute holiday gift?  Gift cards are still on sale - stop by a branch and get one today!

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