We’re Making Improvements to Online Banking with BlueIQ™

Thursday, May 12 at 08:30 AM
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We want to assure you that your feedback has been heard, and we are working to make improvements to Online Banking with BlueIQ™. Enhancements and fixes will be rolling out over the next several months. Many changes will take some time to implement, so watch for further updates in coming months. In the meantime we’ve released some of these enhancements today.  

Categorization – Automatic transaction categorization for new transactions has been improved, resulting in more accurate descriptions applied to new transactions. We still offer the ability to customize your transaction categories. Please note, today’s improvements to automatic transaction categorization will not change your customized transaction categories or previously categorized transactions. 
Naming Transactions – In addition to customizing transaction categories, you can also choose to customize the name of a transaction. We have made some enhancements to better match renaming rules you have created.

Transaction Descriptions – Additional details will be provided in the transaction description. Today’s improvements to transaction descriptions will only apply to transactions going forward.

Account Links – Account names on the dashboard are now underlined as a reminder they are clickable links. Clicking on these links takes you to that account’s detailed transactions, which includes your running balance.

Goal Setting – When you’re setting goals on the planning tab, you can now indicate the rate of return in a fraction of a percent (e.g., 0.25 percent) and not just a whole number. This should help you more accurately match interest rates for an Arvest account you have assigned to a goal.

Other new enhancements to Online Banking with BlueIQ™ include:
  • Recurring transfers involving closed accounts will automatically cancel.   
  • Alerts can now be filtered by payment alerts, in addition to the other filter options.
  • Other bugs have been fixed.
Many more enhancements you have suggested are scheduled for future releases. Please continue to watch for communication on the blog and within Online Banking with BlueIQ™ as additional changes and updates are implemented. 
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6 Tips to Spring Clean Your Finances

Monday, April 25 at 09:50 AM
Category: Personal Finance

For many Americans, spring is a time to clean, sort and tidy up around the house. As you dust your shelves and rid your home of clutter, consider setting aside some time to organize your finances.

“The arrival of spring motivates people to renew their surroundings, and what better way to focus that momentum than to check off everything on your financial to-do list?” asked Corey Carlisle, executive director of the ABA Foundation. “Taking stock of your finances and planting the seeds of new saving habits today will go a long way toward alleviating pressures on your pocket throughout the year.”

The American Bankers Association* recommends these six tips to help you refresh your finances:
  • Evaluate and pay down debt. Take a look at how much you owe and what you are paying in interest. If there are better rates available now, consider requesting a lower credit card interest rate or refinancing your mortgage. Begin paying off existing debt, whether that’s by chipping away at loans with the highest interest rates or eliminating smaller debt first. 
  • Review your budget. A lot can change in a year. If you’ve been promoted, had a child, or become a new homeowner or renter, be sure to update your budget. Determine what expenses demand the most money and identify areas where you can realistically cut back. Develop a strategy for spending and saving and stick to it.   
  • Check your credit report. Every year, you are guaranteed one free credit report from each of the three credit bureaus. Take advantage of these free reports by requesting them at annualcreditreport.com* and check them for any possible errors. Mistakes can drag down your score and prevent you from getting a loan, or cause you to pay a higher than necessary interest rate.  
  • Download your bank's mobile app. Manage your finances from the palm of your hand. With the click of a few buttons, you can make a deposit or access a record of recent transactions. Be sure to download the latest updates when they are available.
  • Sign up for e.Statements and mobile alerts. Converting to paperless billing will help keep your house — physically and financially — more clean and organized.
  • Set up automatic BillPay. By signing up for automatic bill pay, you won’t have to worry about a missed payment. You can set it so money is withdrawn from your checking account on the same day each month.
As you spring clean your finances, you’ll receive that same satisfaction you get after doing a thorough cleaning of your home!
Information courtesy American Bankers Association.

Links marked with * go to a third-party site not operated or endorsed by Arvest Bank, an FDIC-insured institution.

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New Mobile Website is Here

Tuesday, February 23 at 09:00 AM
Category: Arvest News

Our new mobile site is now live and features:

  • A fresh look and feel
  • An easy-to-use tool to view all of our specialty debit cards
  • The ability to check Arvest Visa® Gift Card balances
  • An improved branch locator
Check it out for yourself by visiting arvest.com from your mobile device.

When you log in to mobile banking on the new site, your login ID and password will remain the same.

If you have questions or difficulties logging in to your mobile banking from the website, please call (866) 952-9523.
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Apple Pay is Here!

Monday, October 12 at 09:00 AM
Category: Arvest News
Arvest Bank is pleased to announce our Debit, Credit and Spending Cards are now available in Apple Pay™. That means our customers can enjoy all the benefits and security of their Arvest Debit, Credit and Spending cards while using Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is the easy and secure way to authorize transactions with the touch of a finger on compatible iPhones®, iPads®, and Apple Watch®. Customers can make purchases on the go with an Arvest Debit, Credit or Spending Card at hundreds of thousands of stores and in participating apps.

Apple Pay provides convenience and peace of mind during transactions by:
  • Allowing you to leave your card in your purse or pocket
  • Using a virtual card number in place of your actual card number
  • Recording purchases on your account like a regular card transaction
To learn how to add an Arvest Debit, Credit or Spending Card to Apple Pay, please visit arvest.com/applepay.

As always, Arvest is excited to offer the products and services that meet our customers’ needs. If you have questions or need more information about Apple Pay, visit your favorite Arvest Branch or call (866) 952-9523. We are here to help.
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Connecting with Teens through Technology

Thursday, August 06 at 10:40 AM
Category: Personal Finance

They are here, there, everywhere. They are in backpacks, on bedroom nightstands and desktops, at dinner tables. They are electronic gadgets — cell phones, iPods, tablets, and laptops — and they have given birth to a whole new age of communication and parenting. And while these versatile devices can do so many things to distract your children, they can do something very positive: They can better connect you to your child.

How is that possible?
Well, to begin, social media and texting seem to be a popular way for most teens to share their feelings and thoughts. As a result, some kids may prefer to discuss things with their parents through written communication. Your child may not tell you what's bothering them face-to-face but may be willing to communicate with you via text.

If you do communicate with your child via text, take a crash course in texting language. There is a whole method of texting shorthand that you'll need to understand. For example, if your child texts you TNX, that means they are actually thanking you (a testament to your lessons on manners). If your teen is in a really good state of mind, you might even get an ILY (I love you). For assistance with decoding this unique language, visit netlingo.com.* You just might impress your child as a parent who is "with it."

Another way to connect with your children is to become "friends" with them on social media. Many teens do not want their parents "friending" them; however, you can make this a stipulation for allowing younger teens to utilize these sites. If you do so, you and your child should establish ground rules about what you're allowed to do as their friend. For example, your child may not want you commenting on their posts or photos, nor may they appreciate you posting embarrassing childhood photos of them. By becoming part of your child's social network, you will learn more about their likes and interests, and the friends with whom they spend time.

Of course, one of the most obvious advantages of technology is that it gives your child the ability to get in contact with you wherever you and they are. This is especially important if your child is uncomfortable in a certain situation or is in need of help.

Beyond the serious stuff, you can use technology to be playful with your children. Challenge them to word and other games online. In doing so, you'll accomplish two key parental goals — learning and parental interaction.

In the right hands, technology can bring you closer.
Of course, technology can never replace the importance of physical contact with your children. Clearly, virtual hugs aren't as fulfilling. However, if technology is used to complement the face-to-face time you spend with your child and you both utilize it respectfully, it can be a powerful tool that brings you closer together. And that's what successful parenting is all about.

Links marked with * go to a third-party site not operated or endorsed by Arvest Bank, an FDIC-insured institution. 

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Smart (Phone) Ways to Simplify Your Life

Thursday, July 09 at 11:25 AM
Category: Personal Finance

You know it can help you take and make phone calls, access email, take pictures, surf the web, get driving directions, and even play your favorite music. But are you aware of just how smart your smartphone really is? Today's smartphones have features and apps available that can help you simplify virtually all aspects of your life. For example, did you know your smart phone can do these tricks?

Take measurements. Need to measure a room in your home to see if new furniture will fit? You can download smartphone apps that let you actually take measurements. If you play golf, you can use these apps to measure your distance to the pin.

Start your engine. Going somewhere? There are smartphone apps that let you start your car remotely. You can start your engine, unlock or lock your doors, and even pop your trunk from inside your home — or virtually anywhere else you have an internet connection.

Deposit checks.
Need to deposit a check in your account? Don’t want to go to a branch or ATM? You can use our mobile app* and make the deposit right from your smartphone using your phone's camera.

Monitor your fitness. Planning to exercise? You can monitor your heart rate using your smartphone. In addition, there are apps that make it easy for you to track your steps and calories, and even log your food intake.

Store business cards. Networking? Your smartphone makes it easier than ever to keep and store the business cards you receive.

Technology is always changing, so you can expect that smartphones will truly put an easier, more productive life where it belongs — in your hands.

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