Arvest Bank, Clay Maxey Ford Donate $29,500 to ParRTI

Friday, October 21 at 07:10 AM
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Proceeds from Puttin' in Pink golf tournament in Harrison, Ark., support cancer patients.

HARRISON, Ark. – Representatives from Arvest Bank and Clay Maxey Ford in Harrison presented a donation in the amount of $29,500 to the Claude Parrish Radiation Therapy Institute (ParRTI) Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides the public with free cancer screenings and education, as well as housing, transportation and other needs to patients who are battling cancer. The donation consisted of money raised from the second annual Puttin’ in Pink golf tournament that was held at the Harrison Country Club in September.  

“We are extremely grateful for this donation. Every dollar will directly benefit patient support services, so this generous gift will be utilized by many families,” said Jon Burnside, director of services for the Claude Parrish Radiation Therapy Institute Foundation. 

“Any family who has experienced cancer personally, or with a loved one, knows how quickly their needs can multiply,” said Clay Maxey of Clay Maxey Ford. “We are honored to be part of such a worthwhile project that will touch the lives of so many people here in North Central Arkansas.” Clay Maxey Ford and Arvest Bank have co-sponsored the golf tournament the past two years. 

“The success of this tournament would not have been possible without community involvement, so we are very appreciative of our participants,” said Scott Tennyson, Market President for Arvest Bank in Harrison. “Cancer affects every family at some point, and we are fortunate to have access to the services that ParRTI provides.” 

ParRTI is staffed with a board certified radiation oncologist, a medical physicist, a dosimetrist, radiation therapists and nurses who provide medical and support services to patients in North Central Arkansas.  

Last year, Puttin’ in Pink raised more than $27,000 for the ParRTI Foundation.  

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Morgan Foley Serves Homeless – People Helping People Series

Thursday, October 20 at 09:20 AM
Category: Arvest Community News

In many ways Morgan Foley is like a traditional high school senior. However, her efforts to help the poverty stricken in Oklahoma City make her stand out. While volunteering weekly at City Care, an organization to help those in poverty, Morgan knew she wanted to do more. With her recent “Huddle for Homeless” event, Morgan enlisted the help of her fellow students and community members. Read Morgan’s full story at The Oklahoman*.

Morgan Foley’s story is part of Arvest Bank’s People Helping People series featuring citizens giving back to their community. 

Keep an eye on our social media channels for both videos and written stories highlighting the good works of dedicated citizens in the communities Arvest Bank serves. 

Links marked with * go to a third-party site not operated or endorsed by Arvest Bank, an FDIC-insured institution.

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6 Ways to Save for Black Friday Shopping

Wednesday, October 19 at 10:25 AM
Category: Personal Finance

Believe it or not, but now’s the time to prepare for Black Friday shopping! If you’re worried your wish list is bigger than your wallet, consider these ideas to build your pile of shopping money.

  • Don’t order professional family photos. Although it’s tradition to get professional family photos taken in the fall to send out with Christmas cards, don’t be afraid to break the tradition. You don’t need to eliminate sending a family photo altogether. Instead, find a family picture at a fun family outing or vacation from earlier in the year. Your friends will appreciate seeing an action shot of what you’ve been up to during the year!
  • Cut out extra services. Do you typically hire someone to clean your house, rake your leaves, detail your car or walk your dog? Are you paying for a T.V. package you don’t fully utilize? Take a break from these services. If you find you miss them too much, then hire them back after the holidays when you have some extra cash.
  • Don’t buy Halloween candy. With all the school, church and community Halloween parties and fall festivals going on, save the candy your kids get at those activities and pass it out to the kids who visit your house. Your kids will go trick-or-treating Halloween night and still get a stash of sugar they can keep.
  • Use your slow cooker. Eating out may seem nice, but your home is probably cozier, especially when it smells like stew right when you walk in the door. Next bonus – when you get sleepy after your hot meal, you’re already home making it easier to settle in for the night.
  • Clean out closets and cupboards. Remove your old electronics, old clothes and other household goods you’re not using. Sell them on second-hand websites or at a local consignment shop.  
  • Use space heaters. Rather than heat the whole house, turn on a space heater in the room you’re physically in. Typically in the fall, the weather isn’t yet at freezing temperatures where the pipes are at a risk of freezing. However, the chill in the air may have you seeking for some warmth. Space heaters are a happy medium to keep you warm and keep your electric/gas bill at bay.
With a little bit of planning now, you’re preparing to seize those after-Thanksgiving deals with confidence!

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Town Hall Meeting in Tulsa, Okla. on Nov. 10

Wednesday, October 19 at 05:35 AM
Category: Arvest Community News

We cordially invite you to our semi-annual Town Hall Meeting in Tulsa, Okla., on Nov. 10, 2016, 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. Arvest Wealth Management’s Clay Nickel will discuss an economic review, interest rate environment, bond market outlook, equity markets and overriding themes in 2016. The event will be hosted at 5120 S. Garnett in Tulsa.

Please R.S.V.P. by Nov. 5 to Jennifer Kating at or (918) 384-2726. 

About Clay Nickel, CPM®

As Director of Investment Strategy, Clay is responsible for the development and oversight of the Investment Management Group (IMG) product line and serves as the main spokesman for IMG and the AWM portfolio management team with customers, prospects and advisors. Clay serves as IMG’s asset allocation specialist for both our IMG and Trust portfolios, and provides critical research support on mutual funds, ETFs and outside managers, as well as serving as an important resource for AWM’s Regional Investment Officers and Client Advisors. Clay is an integral member of AWM’s portfolio management team and overall money management effort. Previously, Clay served as a Fixed Income Portfolio Manager for private and institutional clients of Arvest Wealth Management and as the Lead Manager for the IMG Adaptive Portfolio Strategy. He continues to serve as Co-Lead Manager of the IMG Strategic Model Portfolios. Clay is also a member of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute and the Kansas City Society of Chartered Financial Analysts.


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Protect Yourself from Card Skimming

Tuesday, October 18 at 09:30 AM
Category: Personal Finance

Become an educated consumer to help protect yourself from ill-intentioned people who may try to skim your debit or credit card. 

What is a Card Skimmer? 
A card skimmer is an electronic method of capturing a victim's personal information to be used by thieves. The skimmer is a small device that scans a credit or debit card and stores the information contained in the card’s magnetic strip. 

Installed Skimmers
Skimmers are often installed where you normally swipe your card – on ATMs, gas pumps and payment machines at merchants. They are difficult to see and could be just a piece of plastic over the normal card slot, but with a tiny computer inside.

Skimmers can quickly read everything they need when you use your card, and they store that information for thieves to use later. Some skimmers send the information wirelessly, which reduces risk for thieves.
In many cases, skimmers do not interfere with your transaction, so you don’t know your card number has been stolen. Your card passes right through the skimmer, and everything seems normal.

Handheld Skimmers
Skimmers can also be “mobile” devices, tucked away in a pocket. For example, when you hand your card to a dishonest waiter to pay for dinner, it only takes a second to run your card through a skimmer while walking back to the cash register.

In addition to the card reader, skimming scams often use hidden cameras and other equipment to capture your personal identification number (PIN). Popular camera locations include: in the card reader, mounted at the top of the ATM or in plastic cases holding brochures.
Another technique is to alter the keypad (possibly by placing a fake keypad over the original one) with a device that records your PIN. Heat-sensitive cameras on mobile devices can also help with figuring out your PIN.
How to Avoid Skimming Scams
  • Know your location: It’s best to swipe your card in secure areas, and avoid insecure areas.  
  • Protect your PIN: When you enter your PIN, no matter where you are, cover your hand (with your other hand). This makes it harder for cameras to record your PIN and prevents anybody from watching what you enter.
  • Check for Tampering: If something looks odd, such as a different color or material, graphics that aren’t aligned correctly, or anything else that does not look right, walk away and use a different machine. Skimmers sometimes stick out an extra half-inch, but many of them are extremely well-designed and difficult to spot. 
  • Don’t accept “help”: If you get offers to help from strangers hanging around the machine, decline the offer and leave. They may say they were having trouble also, and you just need to enter your PIN again.
We regularly monitor for unusual activity on your account and will contact you if we detect suspicious charges. If you suspect your card has been skimmed or see unauthorized charges on it, please contact us at (866) 952-9523. 
By learning tactics thieves can use to skim cards, you can become more alert and help protect yourself and your cards.
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