The Outlook for 2015 College Grads

Thursday, May 21 at 10:20 AM
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They say all good things must come to an end. For many students across America this spring, that means leaving the comfort zone of college and heading out into the "real world." With college debt at record levels and the average student amassing nearly $30,000 in student loans, finding that first job has taken on a whole new level of importance.

For the graduating class of 2015, there is reason to be hopeful. The job market seems to be recovering and recent surveys have college student hiring in 2015 projected to increase more than 15 percent.

Occupations With Job Openings
The College Board, a non-profit organization designed to connect students to colleges, provides this data on occupations with the most job openings projected for the period of 2008 - 2018 for graduates with bachelor's degrees:
  • Teachers – elementary, middle and high school (excluding special education and vocational schools)
  • Accountants and auditors
  • Systems analysts
  • Software engineers
  • Network systems/data communications
  • Construction managers
  • Market research analysts
Tips for Landing a Job
If you're a recent graduate, here are some ways to improve your chances of getting hired:
  • Focus the search. Try to find positions with companies that are in line with your experience, skills and education. Don't apply for jobs that don't suit your experiences or interests.
  • Be realistic. While every student would love to land that perfect position with a great salary and benefits package, it's not realistic to expect that on a first job. Look for positions that provide opportunity for advancement and skill development so you can land that dream job later on down the road.
  • Network. If you know friends or relatives at companies where you'd like to work, talk to them to see if they have any connections or advice.
  • Review your social sites. Before hiring prospective employees, some hiring managers will check social networking sites to learn more about applicants. With that in mind, take a careful review of your online photos and posts to ensure there's nothing posted that could hurt your chances of getting hired.
  • Get your resume and cover letter in order. Your resume and cover letter are critical to helping you get interviews, so it's important to spend the time perfecting them. Think about attending resume-writing workshops or having an expert review yours to ensure you're representing yourself on paper in the best way possible.
  • Keep at it. In life, and in job searches, persistence pays off. Keep searching for job opportunities and applying for ones that meet your requirements.
You've proven you're a winner and a finisher with that new college degree. Now, it's time to go put that degree and your determination to work in a new and exciting career.

Friday Financial Forum May 22 in Bartlesville, Okla.

Thursday, May 21 at 03:35 AM
Category: Arvest Community News

Join us Friday, May 22, at 10 a.m. for our Friday Financial Forum. We’ll meet in the Friday Forum Room at Arvest's Eastside Branch located at 4225 S.E. Adams Rd., Bartlesville, Okla. Every Friday we invite customers like you to attend our one-hour Financial Forum. 

This week, Kevin Bennett of Soaring Visions, will give a presentation highlighting the exciting uses of drones in aerial photography and will have some on hand for everyone to see!

Also presenting will be Stephanie Lief, SUNFEST president and board chairman, who will tell us all about this year's fun festival activities which will run from Friday, May 29 through Sunday, May 31 at Sooner Park.

What you can expect at the event:

  • Information: Community leaders share topical, local and state information (Sen. John Ford, Rep. Earl Sears, Rep. Travis Dunlap)   
  • News: "The Scoop" about business and community happenings in Bartlesville (Billie Roane, Arvest Bank)
  • Stock Report and Economic Update: Josh Randolph,* Arvest Asset Management
  • Humorous Anecdotes: Jim Bohnsack, Arvest Bank

If you have any questions about the event or would like us to add someone to the invitation email list, please contact Billie Roane at (918) 337-4358. We look forward to seeing you there!

*Josh Randolph, Oklahoma Insurance License #122041

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Boost Morale — and Your Bottom Line

Wednesday, May 20 at 03:15 AM
Category: Business Banking

It may sound cliché, but a happy workplace is a productive workplace. It comes as no surprise that employees who enjoy their jobs will work harder, ultimately impacting a business where it matters most — the bottom line.

Of course, one of the best ways to boost morale is to provide financial compensation. However, for many companies operating in today's competitive business climate, that's not possible. Rest assured, however, there are some easy ways to give your employees a lift without significantly lifting your expenses.
  • Celebrate accomplishments. Everyone likes to be recognized for working hard and doing a good job. Take a moment to praise employees who have achieved success at work. You can announce successes at your staff meeting or in the company newsletter. You can also recognize employees for accomplishments in their personal lives as well.
  • Express thanks. In addition to praising employees, it's important to take the time to thank them for their hard work.
  • Provide a clear career path. Most employees are looking to get ahead to increase their skills and pay. If possible, try to provide employees with a clear path to advancement and to offer coaching to help them develop the knowledge and skills they need to advance.
  • Open communication. Encourage your employees to share ideas and suggestions on how to help the company succeed.
  • Offer rewards. If possible, reward your employees with time off. Giving a hard-working employee an afternoon off for a long weekend or a child's soccer game can go a long way in making them happy.
  • Share the big picture. Make sure employees understand the contribution they make to the ultimate success of the company. This will give them a higher purpose.
  • Support and encourage community involvement. Providing the opportunity for employees to participate in community service projects is another way to boost morale. For example, you could give employees time off to volunteer at a food pantry or homeless shelter.
  • Make time for fun. Think about forming a company softball team or bowling league, or hosting pizza parties or other events that bring people together in a more relaxed environment.
Bottom line, taking these steps to increase employee morale is good for employees, and good business.
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Brett Kidd Wins Award in Kansas City

Tuesday, May 19 at 11:40 AM
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Brett Kidd, Commercial Relationship Manager in Greater Kansas City, was awarded Kansas City American Subcontractors Association* Associate Member of the Year at the 2015 Industry Awards. Brett won the award on behalf of Arvest Bank and was honored at the KCASA annual dinner on May 7. 

The American Subcontractors Association amplifies the voice of and leads trade contractors to improve the business environment for the construction industry and serves as a steward for the community. The Kansas City chapter’s mission is to assist members to operate their businesses more profitably by offering education programs, industry liaisons, government advocacy, networking opportunities and member benefit programs for the purchase of goods and services. The association is the largest and fastest growing trade association dedicated to the concerns of subcontractors and has been in Kansas City since 1990. 
Brett was quick to get involved with the association. He currently serves as a board member and on the golf tournament committee. Brett has represented Arvest Bank well and all his hard work has paid off. Congratulations, Brett! 
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Try Out Texting and Driving Simulator in Rogers, Ark.

Monday, May 18 at 05:50 AM
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Look at the last text you sent. Would it be worth dying for? No! Because we want to raise awareness about the dangers of using your cell phone while driving, we’ll be hosting AT&T’s “Texting and Driving: It Can Wait” simulator* which shows the dangers of using your cell phone behind the wheel.

The simulator will be at our Village on the Creeks location at 5201 Village Parkway in Rogers, Ark., on May 20, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Stop by to try it out and join* the over 6 million people who have taken the pledge to stop texting and driving. AT&T has a couple alternatives to texting and driving; check them out.*

Links marked with * go to a third-party site not operated or endorsed by Arvest Bank, an FDIC-insured institution.

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